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PRESENT DANGER- Live Direct from the Netherlands!!

When Present Danger first gathered in 1996, they had already decided in which direction their music would lead. They’ll follow in the tracks of mega bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden and Megadeth. Being compared to these bands was seen as a huge compliment. For that matter they would be as successful as a Metallica cover band as a Metal band in their own right. They won quite a few competitions. Mainly because of the ever-increasing amount of fans it became obvious that their own material was sucked up like a sponge. And then comes the moment, 2006 that the band has survived the first ten years. Doesn’t time fly! It’s a moment they want to reflect by launching their first ever DVD. It contains the history of the band, interviews, clips and … Bloopers. Never scared of showing their own failures! 2008 becomes a pivotal year in which they turn public favourites at The Clash Of The Cover Bands. Guitar player and singer Thijs de Jong is chosen as Metal guitar player of the year. It resulted in a recording contract for their first ever single, Dark Vision/Alcohol. To there surprise a couple of month later they were invited to record a second single containing the brilliant Iron Rain with the harrowing Freeze To Death.

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